Why Solar Energy?

Why Solar Energy? Why should you be switching to solar energy? Solar energy is clean, quiet, safe, renewable and very, very abundant.  Strategically placed to reduce its intermittent aspects, PV solar panels will help you realize a source of power that not only helps you save money and the environment, but will be available to you indefinitely. All fossil fuels come from solar energy and solar energy will be available to earth’s inhabitants long after all coal, oil and gas have been turned into carbon dioxide.

Reduce Your Footprint:  By reducing your home’s or your company’s carbon footprint, you help reduce Greenhouse Gases which will positively impact your community for generations to come. Besides reducing your impact on the environment, Photovoltaic Systems are a safe, clean, quite, renewable energy source with no emissions, and will still be a vital energy source long after Coal, Oil and Uranium are exhausted and long forgotten.

Increase Property Value: It is well documented that you are actually increasing the value of your property thus increasing your personal equity or your company’s equity.

Long-term Value & Savings: Generating your own electricity reduces your company’s or home’s energy costs, and reduces your energy dependence. Your long-term photovoltaic system comes with a 25-year power production warranty and an estimated lifespan of 30+ years, and will shelter your business or home from rising electricity rates for many years to come.

Residual Income: You can actually create an income stream by selling your solar generated electricity back to your utility company and by trading or selling your SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) to the utility or on the SREC market. Save the environment, increase your property value, save money AND make money? If you still aren’t sure, then go to Why NOW on this site to learn even MORE!