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There are a lot of companies promoting solar solutions but only one company serving North Carolina with second-generation construction excellence combined with the world’s leading manufacturer of PV solar panels. Southoward Solar Design’s unwavering commitment to high standards in how we operate and build today results in delivering solar solutions that preserve and protect your bottom line tomorrow through smart construction based on unmatched capability combined with short and long-term return on investment. Integrity-based Construction: With solar being a go-to option as energy prices continue to escalate, too many companies are seeing dollar signs, taking advantage of business owners and homeowners like you. At Southoward Solar Design we have a NO B.S. policy and a commitment to bringing you energy AND construction efficiency to your project. We won’t overbuild, overpromise, overprice or oversize your project,  Period.  That is why we have two generations of reputation to support that doing business the right way for the right reasons in the best interests of our clients pays in referrals, confidence and stability as a company. Business Minded. Bottom Line Conscious: You won’t just get a site evaluation and free estimate from our solar design specialists, you will also get a financial analysis of the efficiencies and payback you will get from your investment. We are not just construction professionals, we are business professionals that understand that improving your bottom line and cash flow are among the key reasons you are putting solar into your property. Certified & Qualified: The fact that you get a general and electrical contractor with unlimited licenses in North Carolina is only the beginning. You also get a management team of second-generation experience and knowledge and a NABCEP Certified PV Installer. Add to this more than 240 hours of solar design and renewable energy training, 125 years of combined construction experience, and  a solar PV panel product produced by a leader in solar manufacturing for more than 35 years … and you get a company that knows its business and how to get the most return on investment out of your project. Turnkey, Hassle Free: Commercial and industrial projects require a turnkey, multidiscipline approach to be performed cost effectively and timeline efficiently. We will coordinate all aspects of your project from site evaluation, design, engineering, permitting, equipment selection, construction, and installation to managing and negotiating all interactions with city, county, building, and zoning officials. What many people don’t realize is every utility company has its own level of red-tape and stipulations that must be managed when installing a solar system requiring an agreement between you and the utility.  We will coordinate the agreement between you and your Electric Service Provider.  We will also handle your documentation paperwork necessary to assure you receive your energy tax credits. Accountable & Reliable:  When we say we will be there, we will be. When we give you a “not to exceed price,” we won’t exceed it. When we give you a project timeline, we meet it. We are able to do this because we take responsibility for all aspects of your project through a comprehensive quality control and project management process based on decades of experience. Because we have made it our practice to pay all subcontractor, engineering, permit and construction fees associated with a project, we know what it takes. Even though we have our own licenses and insurance, we provide additional blanket and liability insurance to cover everyone working on your project.  By being accountable for all aspects, you can count on us. Made in the USA: With so many companies importing materials from overseas, the ability to control the quality of materials used can come into question leaving you wondering what you are really getting for what you are paying. At Southoward Solar Designs, our PV solar panel systems are produced by a leader in solar manufacturing as one of the only solar companies that manufactures from raw materials in American factories. This also assures total control of the quality of the system.

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