SSD-Header.Draft2_.jpg Serving the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina, Southoward Solar Designs brings the world’s most reliable, cost-effective PV solar systems tailor-designed to meet your specific project’s energy savings and tax-savings objectives. Offering rooftop, ground mount or pole-mount options, Southoward brings second-generation construction excellence to commercial, industrial and residential projects with an energy and bottom-line mindedness that you won’t find anywhere else. Established in 1985, Southoward understands the importance for energy-savings and building efficiently from the ground up and the top down with a principal management team who brings a combined 125 years of construction experience to your project. Using only NABCEP Certified Electricians  combined with more than 240 hours of education on the latest in solar design innovation and renewable energy with North Carolina State University and the NC Solar Center, you are getting a team of professionals uniquely qualified to bring the best possible solar solution into your home or building. FOR INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS IT’S BRAIN DEAD SIMPLE!!!! If you are considering Solar/Photovoltaics or “Electricity from the Sun”, the most amazing aspect is the payback available to business and industry. If your business is in North Carolina and thriving then you are paying taxes.  It doesn’t matter if your business is a C Corporation, a Sub-S Corporation or an LLC.  If you are profitable, you’re paying taxes. This is money that you have to send to the government.  It’s gone forever.  Just like last year and the years before.   But you can use this tax money you have no other access to and invest it in a proven technology, on your roof, in the form of a PV system that will provide you with a monetary return for the next 25 to 40 years.  A technology with no moving parts constructed of aluminum, glass and silicon dioxide compounds. If you are in the 34% tax bracket, the entire system can be paid for in a little over six years using nothing but tax money you would otherwise send to the Federal Government (The 25% tax bracket pays back in just a little under seven years). To reiterate, 30% of the cost of the PV System is paid for by “Tax Credits” not tax deductions.  And even though your initial cost is reduced by the 30% tax credit, you are allowed to  depreciated 85% of the initial cost over 4 to 5 years using the Modified Accelerated Cost Reduction system (“MACRS”) which is a tax deduction.  YES, that’s what I said.  You actually receive a depreciation deduction on 15% of the system you also received a tax credit from. You literally depreciating at tax credit!  Your system will be paid for in a little over 6 years and you will be able to realize 25 to 35 more years of additional electrical savings.  If you business is located in South Carolina, it will also receive and additional 25% state tax credit not to exceed $35,000.00.  This allows businesses to pay for their system in a little under 5 years!